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Posted on Fri 6 Feb 2009 22:03



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ǹ ᾧ Դ ˹
Mon 9 Feb 2009 8:28 [4]

Hello there :o)

I don't normally leave a comment to someone I don't personally know but I have to tell you this....You have such a good sence of humour & creativity art work. WOW...

Actually, I read nong guy diary (my friend's son) and somehow followed the link from one person to another and ended up on your diary. Victor looks really cute. Is he your son?

Anyway, I don't write diary on the website like other mums in Thailand but enjoy reading the stories and happy for everyone. You guys are wonderful in writing :o)

We live in Perth , Australia and there are nothing much to talk or write about. The kids go to school everyday. They have activities after school though, Kung Fu on Monday & Wednesday 4-5 pm. Swimming on Tuesday & Gymnastic on Thursday. They have Friday evening off to visit the friends house. And we have the weekend on the beach. So life is pretty much the same old schedule. (not boring but nothing extra ordinary to write about). I need inspiration :o)

I can't type Thai very well (appologise for that).

Thank you for the beautiful web design you've shown us so far. Great work..love them.

Tape / Charlie Goodall
Tape Charlie Goodall   
Sat 7 Feb 2009 22:11 [3]

ͧ ҡзҺժٷͧӸҹ ä ˹ҵ͹͹¹Ф ҡҹѹ褹ǡѹ ˹ѧѹҡҹ͡Ф

觪ҷҧ¹Ф ͺسҡ
Sat 7 Feb 2009 6:12 [2]

A lot likes love ^^.

Sat 7 Feb 2009 3:07 [1]

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